We are often asked about the classification of materials so we wanted to provide a quick guide for grading your material and what to expect.  This list is not all inclusive and you will find that there are many similarities in how scrap yards grade their material.  In order to maximize your profits the best rule of thumb is separate your materials by material type.  Below you will find general descriptions with photos to help you to identify your material.

We hope this helps and look forward seeing you.  Come discover the Renovo Difference!

Aluminum Cans.jpg
Aluminum Copper Radiators - Dirty.jpg
Aluminum (Cast).jpg
Copper Aluminum Radiators.jpg
Aluminum Copper Radiators.jpg
Aluminum Copper Cutoffs.jpg
Aluminum Doors and Windows.jpg
Aluminum Sheet.jpg
Aluminum EC Wire (Insulated).jpg
Scrap Iron - Prepared.jpg
Aluminum Turnings.jpg
Aluminum Wheels.jpg
Bare Bright Copper.jpg
Copper - Sheet.jpg
Copper #1 - Insulated Wire.jpg
Copper #1.jpg
Cast Iron.jpg
Irony Aluminum.jpg
Yellow Brass.jpg
Miscellaneous Iron - Shredder Feed.jpg
Stainless Steel.jpg